No more stinky dogs, thanks to Dog-D-Funk

“I’ve always been embarrassed by our smelly dogs. Guests, of course, want to play with the dogs. When I first saw Dog-D-Funk, I had to give it a try. IT WORKS! No more stinky dogs. No more cringing when guests come over.”

Karen L.

Boat-D-Funk does it all

“I used Boat-D-Funk on my 26’ Sea Ray. It quickly took off the scum that was on my out drive. I also used it on my boat cover to clean off the dirt, mold and mildew. It worked unbelievably well.”

Jim S.

Fish-D-Funk hits the tournament circuit

“I had that fresh fish smell all over my hands. I pulled out a couple of Fish-D-Funk wipes and was pleasantly surprised by how well they worked! I will definitely have them handy for the upcoming tour- nament season!”

Matt Arey, professional fisherman, FLW Tour

Fish-D-Funk amazes, allows lunch on the boat

“I did not believe any product would get the fish smell off my hands. On my first trip armed with Fish-D-Funk, after handling a few fish, I broke out the Fish-D-Funk and wiped my hands. I was amazed the smell was gone. Whatever they use in the wipes neutralized the smell. Throughout the day, I periodically cleaned up with the wipes and at day’s end, my hands smelled clean. I wasn’t reluc- tant to eat my lunch on the boat. After the fish were cleaned, I washed my cooler out and wiped it down with the same wipes. My cooler always had a fishy smell, but now it smells like new plastic. I won’t fish without Fish-D-Funk!”

Tim W.

Cooler-D-Funk saves the freezer

“We left meat in our freezer/fridge, which had been unplugged for several weeks. The odor was unbearable. We tried bleach, baking soda, vinegar, charcoal and Odor Ban, but nothing worked. We even tried pressure washing. Just when we were about to haul the thing to the dump, we were given Cooler-D- Funk and, holy cow, did that stuff work great! We sprayed the fridge down and let it soak. When we opened it up to wipe it out, the odor was gone.”

Anne T.

Happy wife/healthy bait, thanks to Fish-D-Funk

“Fish-D-Funk Wipes have replaced both Purell and lemon juice as my go-to way to get the smell of fish and bait off my hands. My wife is much happier when I come home from a day of fishing and don’t smell like fish! The other great attribute of Fish-D- Funk Wipes, especially for live bait fishermen, is they have no ill effects on the health of your baitfish. I have actually put the wipes into my bait tank with blue back herring, gizzard shad, alewives, threadfin shad and shiners, and they do not affect them in any way.”

Rick Kellemeyer, charter captain