The D-Funk™ family of wipes and sprays feature revolutionary technology that kills odors at the molecular level. They may look like ordinary wipes and they may have a funny name, but they kill the stink like nothing else has before!

Odor neutralization meets odor counteraction

There are countless odor elimination products on the market today. The better ones use either odor neutralization technology or odor counteraction technology. Both technologies work at the molecular level and both are effective. But nobody had successfully combined these technologies until D-Funk!

Environmentally safe and free of harsh chemicals

Even more remarkable is the fact that D-Funk™ odor eliminating products are environmentally safe and free of harsh chemicals. This allows them to be used in and around water and on humans and pets without concern.

It started as a product for fishermen


The first D-Funk™ product was an odor removal wipe for fishermen that quickly caught on because it was the only product available to remove stubborn fish odors from their hands.


A second formula proved to help fishermen catch more fish. And it does not kill fragile bait. Charter captains who do not allow sunscreens or sanitizers on board, routinely use both forms of Fish-D-Funk™.

A variety of D-Funk™ products

In a short time, the D-Funk™ product line has grown significantly. Frankly, this is because we keep finding remarkable new uses for odor removal products that feature our revolutionary Double Down™ Technology. Surely, we have a D-Funk™ product for you!